"Education is what remains after you have forgotten what you learnt in school"

/Albert Einstein

Silver Bolt is a Ugandan not-for-profit organisation that educates and inspires youth to follow careers in Science and Engineering; empowers early career graduates and budding innovators to capably join the work force; and works with professionals to nurture the next generation of engineering and computing professionals.

This is who we are

Silver Bolt employs interactive and engaging educational activities to introduce and demonstrate the principles and applications of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) to young learners, provides unique training opportunities for career professionals and budding innovators, and enables practicing professionals to upskill and maintain their proficiency in an evolving workplace.

Our activities


Introducing deeper learning as a supplement to the national curriculum.

Science club

Expanded learning opportunities through applied knowledge out of official school hours.

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Working with a wide range of partners to expose kids to the world of possibilities.

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Our learning groups


Our explorers

Primary school children / ages 5 –12 years

We broaden mind to give a wider and deeper understanding of the world around us through fun science activities for early childhood learning.


This approach is effective in inspiring learning and boosting the core cognitive skills.

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Our innovators

Secondary school students - ages 12 –18 years

Learners are able to acquire advanced science knowledge and develop awareness of how they relate with science.


Highlighting science use in personal, social, environmental and technological areas

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Email: info@silverbolt.org   |   Phone: +256 780 233232

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