Introducing an online computing course designed to equip learners with knowledge and skills for computational thinking and creativity so as to understand and change their world.

In this new age, change is the only constant!


Today’s children need to learn to adapt and thrive in times of change. Blot Club conducts courses across different fields of science, all with one underlying guide; Educate the children for their future.


To achieve this, we ensure we nurture our learners to learn to learn, learn to do through critical thinking, communicating, connecting, creating and collaborating.

Ours is a participatory society.

Learners starting age 6yrs - 18yrs
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Study details

Through our foundational course, learners will be introduced to computational logic including decomposition, abstraction  & algorithms, creating, manipulation & editing digital material and being safe & responsible online.


Foundations of Computer Science

  • Basic principles of information and computation

  • How digital systems work

  • Basic computer programming


Foundations of Information Technology

  • Creation of digital material

  • Awareness of audience and good design principles

  • Understanding effective use of devices


Digital Literacy

  • E-Hygiene

  • Handling information

  • E-Safety

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